The Vital Way


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led by Brian Butsudo Turner Sensei
and Lisa Genki Gibson Sensei

A 6-week Online Course
including recordings of each session

Fridays, 9-10:30MT
May 3 – June 14 (no class June 7)

Online via Zoom

Our intention for this class is to engage the Buddha Way by studying and more fully experiencing the nature of Reality.  As we recognize and attune as the fullness and the emptiness of all experience, we become naturally more responsive, more compassionate and more at ease with all aspects of our lives.  As we more intimately encounter the  Three Treasures (Jewels),  we gain confidence in the perfection of this precious moment and we begin to function naturally in response to whatever is in the field of awareness.  In this way, we extend our Zazen (Zen meditation) beyond the confines of our cushion to every moment.

INVESTMENT LEVELS: $180, $270, $360 USD

Please choose the price that works for your current financial context. For those who can pay more, all higher funds received will help create practice opportunities for all participants.


Throughout 6 weeks in The Vital Way (Part 1), we will lay frameworks and invite experiential participation in the following key topics in Zen practice:

Week 1: Buddha In our first session, we will introduce the Three Treasures, a fundamental way of describing and relating to Reality and a pathway for our practice. We will explore the first treasure, Buddha, the timeless boundless and indestructible unity inherent in all of our experience.

Week 2: Dharma In the second week, we will encounter the second treasure of the Dharma Teachings). Dharma refers to the teachings of the Buddha and other teachers that describe and express how non-dual wisdom functions in this very moment in this unique life.

Week 3: Sangha The third treasure, Sangha, are all the relationships that inform and influence our experience of this one precious life. Developing relationship skills, and choosing excellent friends are key to a life well lived.

Week 4: Form In this class, we will investigate the myriad ways that we encounter form – that which stimulates the six senses and that which have a beginning, middle and end. We will practice some of the Zen forms that help us to extend our awareness and our engagement with each other.

Week 5: Emptiness In Zen practice, emptiness refers to the ultimate nature of reality which means it is empty of an inherent, separate existence or self. Experiencing and perceiving Emptiness is crucial for skilfully navigating the alive, dynamic, ever changing aspects of this one, precious life…and death.

{ Week Off: Rest and Integration }

Week 6: Integration After establishing the felt sense of the Three Treasures, Form and Emptiness, we will examine and experience the interplay and dance of these elements of the Vital Way, and how they support our engagement with Reality as it is.

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