Thank you for becoming a member of our practice community through an Original Mirror membership!

We are grateful to contribute to your growth, liberation and unique expressions in life. And, thank you for the myriad ways you are to wholeheartedly engage with us, our lineage of teachings and our practice community. 

We look forward to further weaving you into the tapestry of our culture and community. Through our intersecting lives we can better enact practice-realization to generate ever-more compassionate responses to and for life. Together we are thrilled to flourish together in both the coherence of lineage and our unbounded liberation.  


This is your first orientation to welcome you to this community. Read below to orient you to your membership, as well as information about how to access the Online Sitting and our Dharma Library. Please bookmark this page for future reference. You will receive an email tomorrow to provide orientation to Online Sitting as well as Dokusan or 1-1 meetings with teachers. Please take some time to read through this email as well and save it for future reference.

You have enrolled with an Original Mirror membership. This membership includes Online Sitting and access to our growing Dharma Library. Read on for how to access both the Online Sitting and the Dharma Library of resources to support your practice.



As a member of Dragon Lake and Dragon Moon Zen, we understand that our meditation training is supported through community practice. Put simply, sitting meditation is easier when you’re supported by the presence of a transmitted teacher and community of practitioners present with you. Together, we are more consistent. And we can better shape our meditation training – that is the continuity of your liberating heart/mind is better manifested–when you show up to sit for others in your practice community. Read on for how you can practice in community and deepen your practice. 


Online Sitting


Online Sitting is available weekdays, Monday-Friday*:


6-7am PT | 7-8am MT | 8-9am CT | 9-10am ET |

2-3pm BST | 3-4pm CEST


To find your time zone, click HERE.

Your Private Link to Join Online Sitting

Online Sitting Meeting ID: 868 4135 2776
Your Private Passcode: 852850

* There will be no sits during some public holidays and when the Senseis are on retreat. An email will be sent out prior to any Online Zendo closures.

Consider bookmarking the link above or adding it as a shortcut to your desktop for easy access.



Accessing the Dharma Library  


Our growing dharma library is a place where we share audio, video and written resources to support your practice and to connect you to the vast lineage of teachings in the Zen tradition and beyond. We are adding regularly to this online library and so please check back regularly.

To access the Dharma Library, make sure you are logged into your account, and visit

You will receive a second email orienting you to Zazen practice, and the form and structure of Online Sitting. We look forward to practicing with you! 


Deep bows,


Genki Sensei, Butsudo Sensei, Daishin Sensei, Teisui Sensei